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By Kevin Nguyen


Controlling Topspin on Forehand

Posted by CoachKevin on August 25, 2013 at 3:15 AM

When hitting forehands or even backhands in general, it is important that we learn how to own the shots - being able to control the amount of topspin you put on the ball. Here is a simple tip that will get you going!

On the takeback, the lower the racket is below the ball the more potential spin and arc you will be able to produce. And when the racket head is below the ball and then you uncoil, this is how you will look like in a picture or video (your buttcap will naturally be more angled downwards). Your racket will naturally plow through the ball in an ascending manner, creating the topspin-drive that many pros tend to use as their rally balls in today's game.


Now, If you put the racket on level with the ball or even above it, you will produce a low trajectory ball. When you uncoil into your shot, this is what you should look like in photo or video. Your racket will naturally, in a straighter path, plow through the ball, creating the flatter shot.

Please watch this video of Andy Murray, he shows it very noticeably:

Look at the shot at 0:03 seconds where he levels the racket with the ball to hit a flatter shot.

Look at the shot at 0:19 seconds where he gets his racket below the ball to hit the ball with more arc.

Note: In all these shots your racket is still going through the ball, but at different starting points (Racket below the ball or leveled with the ball). 

(For more info on the forehand:

- Kevin Nguyen

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