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(Leverage) Maintaining Your Arm Position

Posted by CoachKevin on July 19, 2013 at 12:00 AM

Remember about learning how to make proper contact with the ball from my forehand guide? If not, check it out now (

This tip applies to practically every grip.

I explained this a little in the forward swing part of the guide, but now I'm just going to show you guys this up front. Take a look at this picture of Kei Nishikori swinging to the ball (Example 1) and the picture of him after contact (Example 2). Do you notice a similarity? His arm position (Kei's is bent)! He's maintaining the leverage created from the forward swing even after he makes contact with the ball. This helps you develop a consistent-repeatable forehand which will add-on my control over it. You want to try maintaining your arm-position throughout the whole hitting phase and into the follow-through.

Basically, whatever arm position *bent or straight* you started with in the forward swing. YOU FINISH WITH IT. 

Try practicing this the next time you go out and hit. Make sure you start off slow to get it down.

Example 1

 Example 2


Check out more pros doing it


Videos of Pros maintaing their leverage from their forward swing

Kei Nishikori:


All the top 10 pros -

Thanks! Stay tuned for more tips and guides!

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