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By Kevin Nguyen


How to hit Groundstrokes Down the Line

Posted by CoachKevin on October 6, 2013 at 5:15 PM

How do we pull the strigger succesfully? When going for the short ball, you want to really step into the shot and strike it with a closed stance (Look at the feet position in the picture below to see a closed stance). However, it is also possible to hit the down the line shot with an open stance. All you have to do is follow the simple explanation below.

Now, when you are set up for the shot (closed stance or open stance), you can now really crack one down the line. To hit a clean shot down the line, you have to really turn your shoulders and coil your upper body (should be done every time). The important step after that is uncoiling (opening your body up). It is important that you uncoil to the target, which is down the line. That way, you are releasing the tremendous amount of energy and plow into that direction!

The same concept applies for the one-handed backhand and two-handed backhand!


If you have not checked out my guide on the modern forehand, please check it out in my blog to better understand coiling and uncoiling!

Have a great October!

Kevin Nguyen

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