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By Kevin Nguyen


Tips on Developing a Topspin Serve

Posted by CoachKevin on July 15, 2013 at 2:25 AM

What is the goal when developing a topspin serve? You are trying to get that arch where the ball clears the net a good margin and dips into the court; thus, making it a safe second serve.

When developing a topspin serve, first of all, toss it above your head and almost to the left. Just like hitting a topspin lob groundstroke, you really want to brush the back of the ball leading with the edge of the racket. Make sure you are primarily focusing on spin production so try not to add any forward movement on the ball.

- Get a person to stand right in front of you while you are serving. Try to serve without hitting the person. This will get you to brush the ball more because you are restricting your forward movement in order to prevent from hitting the person.

-Make sure you are gripping the racket very loose.

I hope you find this tip a bit helpful!

Stay tuned, I will try to make a guide on the flat serve and topspin serve in the next 2 weeks!

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